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Which model and size should I have?

Since there are many different models to choose from, we want to give you some guidance!

How do I know what size I have? 

Measure around your waist before you have eaten, around the line where your bellybutton is. If you have a soft stomach we recommend that you pull the band as much as you can as long as it is not uncomfortable.

You can go from there to what size you will chose.

I workout at the gym:

For the gym we recommend our sport waist trainers. These are more flexible and you have them in two different lengths for full flexibility.

How do I know if I should have a long or short waist trainer? 

If you are shorter than 1,63 cm we recommend a shorter model. 

I stand up a lot during the days and I am looking for a waisstrainer for everyday use. Which one should I have? 

Leona is a perfect waisstrainer during the days since it is the most aggressive one and forms the best. 

I sit a lot during the days, which waist trainer should I have? 

If you sit a lot we recommend our short models since a long waist trainer can be uncomfortable when sitting a lot. 

I am 1,78 cm tall and want a waist trainer during the days and when I am out running, which one do you recommend? 

Alessa is our longest model and is perfect for running and walks. 

I want to shape my waist and cover the fat around my back: 

Then the Xzena Flex is the best alternative for you! is a waist trainer vest and covers during the day, walks and running but also during exercise where your back is straight. 

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