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Questions and answers

How do I measure?

Measure around your waist at the same hight as your bellybutton before you have eaten.

 My waist trainer gives me calluses around my back, what do I do?

It depends on the waist trainer that pushes your skin up at the same time as your bra pushes the skin down. We recommend that you wear a tight tank top under the waist trainer and a bra that is at the same height as the waist trainer at the back. 

 I have a pretty soft stomach how do I measure? 

Measure around your waist at the same height as the bellybutton, pull the measurement band as much as you can without it being uncomfortable. You can then choose your size after knowing your measurements.

 I just had a baby, what will fit med the best? 

We recommend a sports model since it will shape at the same time as it is flexible since when you just had a baby you will need ti move freely.

 I am having a baby soon, what size do I choose?

Since the body puts on a lot of fluids the first days we recommend that you wait at least 5 days and then measure around your waist. If your stomach is soft, pull the band as much as you can when measuring without it being uncomfortable.

Why do you wear a tank top under the waist trainer? 

We always recommend that you wear a tank top under the waist trainer to keep it fresh because you should not wash your waist trainer. It is also softer against the skin and easier to cover up any bulks and fat around the back. 

How do I clean my waist trainer? 

We do not recommend washing your waist trainer. To keep it fresh you should dry it with a wet towel and let it air dry after every use. 

 How do I store my waist trainer?

You should never fold your waist trainer since the material can brake. You should have the waist trainer in cool areas and avoid having it near elements and warm places since it can lose its shape. 

 What button should I start wearing my waist trainer? 

You should button it where it fits the best. If the smallest button doesn't feel tight enough you should go down a size. 

 How tight should the waist trainer fit? 

As tight as possible but still comfortable.

Does it harm any internal organs? 

No, todays waist trainers are not as the ones they used during the 1700s. The metal lines in the waist trainers are soft and not as hard as they were before. You put on your waist trainer yourself and you can not harm yourself that way. Ages ago they were three people putting the waist trainer on somebody and pulled it very hard despite how the person felt during this. We have never gotten any complaints about a waist trainer hurting a client. 

 How fast will I have results?

We recommend that you always take care of your diet and working out at the same time as you waist train for long-term results. You should have in mind that you should use your waist trainer regularly to see the results. 

The pressure from the waist trainer will make you eat less but more portions and the body will have time to burn the food faster. It is important to think about drinking a lot of water since the waist trainer will make you sweat more. 

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